After many years working in the construction industry,

Kingdom Homes was birthed to address many of the concerns of real estate owners, buyers, and sellers. Kingdom Homes seeks to bring your vision to life on time and within your budget. Today as a family owned business, Kingdom Homes seeks to address residential problems, while providing employment for men and women. The main goal of the company is to bring transformative change to people and the environment. 


Leaving a Landmark of Creativity

Mission Statement

We are committed to bringing life to communities through infrastructural development

Brief History

In 2013, our founders had the inspiration to begin a Construction Company after losing their fixed paychecks

In November, with little backings and resources, they embarked on this journey. After 10 years in business, they are most grateful to God, whom they believe employed them to give service to humanity by helping to provide one of the basic needs of man – shelter. When they started they were just doing residential remodeling for clients, whom they got by referrals.

A few things we’re great at

According to our CEO, “2013 was an odd year to begin a business, but I know that God was faithful and would help us. It was a learning curve for us, but we had to learn in order to scale. God has not failed us to this day… he is the best boss!”

Today, with our team of professionals we custom homes to meet the needs of our clients. We build new homes and additions, remodel homes, develop sub-divisions, and work with real estate investors. In spite of all of this, we ensure that we make the time to take care of all of our customers. 

Our Core Services



New Builds

Real Estate


Specific Building Projects